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Online shopping Cart

soping cart

This Online system allows the admin users to add all the products or any services that can be configured. Also the Internet Users can Search for products from the list and add to shopping cart for shopping. Any number of items from the list can be selected or excluded from the cart. Registered users can place an order quickly and have order accepted immediately.

Admin Section

  • Home
  • Products
  • View all products
  • Add new products
  • View all categories
  • Add new category
  • Sales
  • List all sales
  • New sale
  • View sale box
  • List new orders
  • Purchase
  • List all purchase
  • New purchase
  • View purchase box
  • Administration
  • View all members
  • Add new member
  • Change Password
  • Logout

Registered Customer Section

  • Home
  • Products
  • Category wise products show.
  • My Orders
  • List all Orders
  • Make new orders
  • Change password
  • Logout

Administrators Uses Content Management System

  • Access to the CMS for updating their web page – easily upload content and new images
  • Preview pages prior to publishing
  • Storage of content in a database with addition, modification and deletion of copy, photos, menus on all pages of the site.


Online shopping Cart Application features


  • The product shall be based on web and has to be run from a web server.
  • Uniform look and feel between all the web pages.
  • The customer’s web browser shall never display a customer’s credit card number or passwords after retrieving from the database.
  • The user interface for the software shall be compatible to any browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Netscape Navigator by which user can access to the system.
  • System communicates with the content manager to get the product specifications, offerings and promotions.
  • Provides option to access the software through mobile applications
  • Customized Front page
  • Sliding Banner in Home Page
  • Latest Events slider with pictures
  • Space for putting up ads or to highlight special events
  • Social buttons to connect easily with social networking sites
  • Facebook social plugin -considering the fact that a huge number of customers
  • Site Search facility


e-Commerce Applications

Product Variant Option-1:
Basic: Our Basic features are given below:

Basic Features
  1. Top Selling Items are listed separately in home page
  1. Latest Collections will be listed in home page to attract users to the latest products
  1. Payment modes such as Paypal/Credit Card/Debit Card/Cash On Delivery will be provided
  1. Items can be filtered by price, color, category, age, size or any other as per client requirement
  1. Users can give reviews on products and rate products. These will be displayed in site for other buyers to see
  1. Any number of photos can be added for each product so that users can get the look and feel as seeing it real
  1. Separate user accounts for each user, users can register to the website and login with their username and password
  1. Coupon codes and gift voucher feature will be added for promoting sales
  1. Newsletter feature for sending promotions and offers via email to customers
  1. Users can checkout as Registered User or as Guest user
  1. Users will go through a secured payment gateway which will reduce fraud and increase security
  1. Easily connect with Facebook and other social media
  1. Very direct and simple product navigation
  1. Contact form: users can contact by submitting forms
  1. Order confirmation: Email will be sent when an order is placed
  1. Client can maintain their site via powerful CMS backend and easily add products and pictures from backend
  1. SEO friendly URL’s to appear on top in Google search
  1. Get reports on sales, customers and orders easily from backend
  1. Zoom: Pictures can be zoomed in for a clearer and better view

Product Variant Option-2
Advanced version:

Our advanced version will cover all features in the basic s with a few additional ones which will make the application stand out from the crowd. The client has the freedom to choose any or all the features listed for Advanced Website.Client can choose any options

Advanced Features
  1. Reward Points :Users get points for what they buy which can be redeemed later
  1. Order history :Users can know their purchase history after logging in the site
  1. Multi Language :Site will be available in local language and English
  1. Multi-Currency :Site will be available in local currency and others too
  1. Shipment Tracking: Users can track their orders
  1. Live Chat: to improve customer service
  1. Order confirmation: SMS order confirmation
  1. Video : upload videos of the product

Payment System

System communicate with bill Pay system to identify available payment methods , validate the payments and process .System provides flexibility for the user to choose the various convenient payment methods after order of products.

Various payment methods are

  1. Cash in hand
  2. Cash on Delivery
  3. Card payment
  4. Online banking



  • By setting up a website to do business online, you will be able to reach thousands more customers.
  • Apart from expanding your customer base, you will enjoy the opportunity to sell the product to the customer.
  • Convenience of shopping, Better prices, Comparison Prices, Variety of Products, new marketing trends etc made more people do online Product Shopping.
  • Save time by not going to store
  • Can shop when stores are closed
  • Avoid the holiday crowds
  • Might be able to find better prices
  • Can find products online more easily
  • Find products not available in stores
  • Easier to compare prices
  • Purchase from wish list
  • Ease of learning – How fast can a user quickly learn the web site layout and sufficiently accomplish basic tasks.
  • Ease of use – How quickly tasks are accomplished.


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