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The Internet of things is the extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects. Embedded with electronics, Internet connectivity, and other forms of hardware, these devices can communicate and interact with others over the Internet, and they can be remotely monitored and controlled.

Smart Agriculture

Stop relying on inaccurate, imprecise information from meteorology reports and weather apps or spending hours manually checking rain gauges. Weather conditions monitoring solutions give you the data you need to make accurate decisions about your fields and crops. Remotely access real-time information about rainfall, temperature changes, wind conditions, air pressure, and humidity for your precise […] Readmore

Smart Building

A.Track construction equipment to combat theft and optimize usage Real-time tracking and cloud-based data sets enable construction companies to reduce theft, increase productivity and control operating costs. Theft of machinery and valuable equipment such as electrical panels from buildings is very costly. Protecting your equipment has a deterrent effect on potential thieves, and if a […] Readmore

Utilities & Energy

A.Collect consumption data effortlessly Put an end to time and money spent on manual on-site meter readings and data processing of water, gas and electricity consumption. Once activated, connected meters immediately start transmitting data over the public network with no pairing or configuration required, and run for years without replacing the battery. You can now […] Readmore

Smart Cities

 A.Locating available parking spots City authorities periodically have to close streets, re-route traffic and notify the public about roadworks. Connected road signs can simplify the process by displaying days and times when parking is allowed on digital e-ink screens that can be updated remotely using our downlink connectivity. The signs can also detect shock or […] Readmore


A. Optimize your processes with digitization Monitor metrics like pressure ,vibration,temperature,humidity, switches and voltage.These sensors can also detect openings, leaks,battery charge, current, tilt, flood and more, in pipes and equipment. This flow of data will help you make predictive maintenance a reality. B.Insights into the integrity of facility infrastructure Detect damage to building structure by […] Readmore

Supply Chain & Logistics

A.Track your assets to optimize the supply chain. Tracking devices can run for months or even years without a battery change, and they work both indoors and outdoors. Trackers transmit location data from fleets of returnable containers, as well as valuable information on the whereabouts of other deliveries, including pallets, parcels and trolleys. B.Monitor transport […] Readmore

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