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In the day and age where you can read a book from a palm reader, send emails from your smart phone handset and even book reservations to a restaurant, hotel – or where ever from it – it
seems that the only technology still missing from the palm of your hands is at your favorite restaurants. When you are seated, you are greeted and shown to your table, and they usually use a digital interface to track available tables (not at all places). The server will take your order and enter it into a digital POS system with a custom software.

Why Get Interactive Restaurant Menus

The primary answer to this is to upgrade your eatery to the21st century, attract more guests to your establishment and wow them, improve customer service, boost sales and revenues and better manage inventory and food expediting. As you can see, PICKLES allow you to easily do this. Thanks to newer and emerging digital menu software, it’s also been made so easy to use that nearly anyone can effortlessly create their own custom menus.Cost of Digital Interactive Restaurant Menus Compare how much you spend on printing paper menus to the one time cost of digital tablets. They generally will pay for themselves. The human resource in the form of waiter will also be reduced.

Why Interactive Restaurant Menus Retain Customers

Customers like things to be interactive and don’t like to wait. People like to see pictures of the food they are about to order. Consumers also like fancy gadgets, and with touch screen and with MIRS, you give them a taste of not only good food, but the very latest in technology as well in the form of immediate ordering.

Improved Service with Digital Interactive Restaurant

Service is vastly improved because servers don’t have to take orders and explain menu items any longer. The servers also don’t have to enter every order into the POS system, saving even more time. Rather, they can focus on refilling glasses and expediting food. This means you can host more guests, sell more tables and more food without a reduction in customer service. The system not only allows customers to select food but also dynamically indicates the best combo food. The system allows hotel admin to vary price in real time according to the food sales. For instance, if an itm in the menu is not sold much, the admin can set discounts or offers and thus increase the sales. The system also has option to pass ads to each table, thereby promising a return revenue for the hoteliers.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems integrate internal and external management of information across an entire organization embracing finance/accounting,manufacturing, sales and service, customer relationship management. ERP systems automate these activities with an integrated software application.

The purpose of ERP is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outsidestakeholders.

Along with the key modules, the system can be customized in accordance with the requirement which enables organizations to track and analyze their business activities in an effective and
efficient way.

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