Tourkicks helps the millennial traveler to optimize their travel plans driven by Al analytics. it takes the budget of the traveler as input and generates recommendations on how the budget can be optimally utilized.It act as a tourism syndicator rather than an aggregator (A platform for travelers and service providers to make direct negotiations and transactions through a communication channel

TourKicks Al creates leads for tourism Industry service providers A Complete Solution for Secure Tourism with Innovative features to ensure the travellers a safe and secure journey. The
user-friendly Ul environment to search and find area wise, category wise information of tourist spots. Tour package booking and hotel reservations in an easy way with of filtering options.

The main features are

  • Accurate analytical report given prior to the visit
  • Information about cost of accommodation, travelling etc estimated in advance
  • Hotel Room reservation options
  • Customized tour plan for visitors and cost estimation
  • Analytical reports: Like countries from most tourists are visiting, most visited locations etc
  • Easy and fast searching of area wise tourist locations
  • Category wise listing of tourist places, hotels, temples, festivals etc
  • Region or location wise Rate analysis of a total tour package including hotel, vehicle, guide etc. prior to travel
  • Managerial level reports to tour authorities based on locations and seasonal tourists visited
  • Sending SMS / Notifications to authorities about locations of tourist visiting places Users can participate in the occasional campaigns conducted in the application and win gifts
  • Video streaming of selected tourist locations with guide explanation about that place
  • Live chat support to tourists regarding anything related to Tourism industry
  • Future scope

  • Location tracking while travelling and sending locations to
    police control rooms, responsible tour operators of respective
  • Optional wearable devices like GPS connected watches as extra security measurement while Tracking of visiting locations while travelling and send panic alerts to police control rooms if any such situations are there
  • App Integrated wearable devices that can locate you anywhere using GPS, and send SOS messages/alarms to the concerned authorities like tour operators/tourism department/ police control rooms in case of any panic attacks or natural calamities
  • Safe and secure journey to the travellers
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