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We offer training positions in our development department promising the candidate in initial 3 months training assignment will be provided, an advanced training for a duration of 1 year, under the tutelage of our core team developers. They will have an opportunity to interact in real life projects, learn interpersonal skills and advance their skill sets.
We trust in the importance of education as a means to expand people’s access to chances and to better their lives as individuals. We offer concentrated software training and review.

Who should attend?

• Software engineers
• Software engineering students
• Software engineering instructors
• Software quality management instructors
• Third-party vendors of software engineering or quality training

Training Programs


.net has established itself as one of the most productive environments for building web applications and more developers are switching over everyday. The 2.0 release of ASP.NET builds on the same componentry of 1.1, improving productivity of developers even further by providing standard implementations of common Web application features such as ship, persistent user profile and Web parts, among others. With more than 50 new server side controls and many new pieces of web infrastructure, ASP.NET 2.0 brings more new features than any web development technology in recent memory. This course will introduce practicing ASP.NET developers to the many new features in ASP.NET 2.0, with practical hands-on labs to reinforce the concepts, with an emphasis on understanding how each new feature works and when to best apply it.

PHP (Php, MySql, JQuery)

What is PHP? What hardware and software do I need? Linux and UNIX. Windows (98, NT, 2000, Millennium, XP). Writing and uploading. The structure of a PHP page. Sequences of statements. Expressions and operators. Variables. Getting a value from a form. Alternative ways of getting values from a form. Comments in PHP. Including a file. Conditional statements – if. Boolean operators. Blocks, else if and else. Conditional statement – switch. Loops – the while statement. Making up a table in your PHP. Alternative loop – the for statement. Other control statement subjects. Global and static variables. Loading functions from another file. Defaulting parameters. Call by value v call by name. Example. Object oriented PHP. Array manipulation. Array functionality. Creating Arrays. Manipulating arrays. Strings. Strings – in variables and literals. String functions – an introduction. Low-level functions. Higher level functions. Matching, extraction and replacement functions. Maintaining state. Cookie examples. Headers, Heads and Bodies. Uses of Cookies. Accessibility – a practical example of cookies. Example using PHP4 built-in session functions. Why email from the server? Informing the system owner. Emailing system users. Other users. Emailing from the server. Configuration. Sending a simple email. Adding to the headers. Sending attachments. A practical example of mailing from PHP.

Website Designing
We will develop the concepts and technical skills required to design and build interactive websites, optimizing images, including hand-coding HTML, and creating eye-catching page design using HTML, CSS, tables, spacer GIFs, and JavaScript. You will also learn to use Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe Go Live to aid you in the design process and site management.

Objectives of the program are to develop strategies for working with clients and production teams to create site maps, and both oral and written presentations to plan a professional website and to plan, design, and build a portfolio-quality professional web site for a client.

Joomla! is a open source content management system for publishing content on the world wide web and intranets. It is written in the PHP programming language and uses the MySQL database. The system includes features to create users with various access levels, adding content dynamically, polling system, ecommerce implementation, ad banner management, adsense integration, website search, gallery management and many more in built features. This system can be used to create dynamic websites of any size and design with No knowledge in Programming. No prerequisite knowledge is required to learn Joomla. However it is benificial if you know about HTML CSS Knowledge. We are also offering Online Joomla Training for students across the world.
Joomla! can be used for created many types of websites either for small business or corporate companies. Joomla CMS is easy to implement and Scalable for large Projects. Small Business Sites, Ecommerce Websites, Corporate , intranets and extranets, Corporate Websites, Directory Websites, Social Networking Portals, Classified Websites, Magazines and Newspaper Websites
WordPress is one of the most powerful and most used CMS over the internet for the blogging & Complete Website Development Purpose. WordPress is Free Open Source, Platform Independent CMS. WordPress is built in PHP and MYSQL. No prerequisite knowledge is required to learn WordPress. But the knowledge of PHP, CSS, MYSQL help a lot in improving the CMS as you desire
Learn to use WordPress to set-up & manage your websites & blog in our comprehensive, hands-on, Basic & Advanced WordPress Training. Led by our LIVE WordPress professional instructors. You’ll discover how to use and customize themes, add extensive functionality through the use of important plugins, organize and manage your content, even how to Search Engine Optimize your WordPress blog or website for high page rankings & more.

Open cart
We know what it takes to run an OpenCart store. After all, we’ve been doing this for years. It’s difficult to find companies to actually hold your hand and train you, show you what modifications will work for you, and why. There’s a lot to running an OpenCart shop, but the cost of not knowing what you’re doing far outweighs the cost to actually learn what you need to succeed.
Whatever you need to learn to administer your site, we’re here to help you. Whether it’s running a specific module, knowing how to add meta data, or any old thing, we want you to know that there are NO stupid questions. Our trainers will take all of your issues, and get you the information you need to succeed.

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