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World Kalaripayattu federation


Tektide Innovations provided us a timely solution and all our requests were addressed right away. They got us exactly what we were looking for and created such a huge impact in such a short amount of time. Choosing Tektide Innovations to create our website was one of our best decision. We are satisfied with their service and would strongly recommend them. Thank you for all your hard work!

Koinchi of martial arts


We are very pleased with the service we have received from Tektide Innovations. They have been very patient and understanding also explaining things to us in a Lay-Man´s language. Their team has done an excellent job of building our web site. We could not have asked for better communication as all of our concerns and updates were handled in a timely manner.

Hawels distributors

Tektide Innovations  have done a great job for us. They have good resource pool available of qualified IT staff. We are very impressed with their Quality of Service. We also appreciate that they  ask when they have doubt on what they have to do : good communication is a key to perform good job. It is just the kind of message we want to send to all our friends about Tektide Innovations.

Aiswaray chitfunds


Tektide Innovations impressed us and the results were truly impactful. We are very grateful to the team they are doing extremely good job. We are very thankful for the work they had done. Tektide people came up with a unique product which surpassed our expectations on all the aspects like creativity, quality and timeliness. Once again thanks to all Tektide team for their quality work and wish them very best wishes for the future.

KNS school


We never fail to be impressed by the efficiency of Tektide  team. The guys at Tektide have an exceptional ability to take our specifications and create applications. They really reflects what their client needs. All of our requests were addressed and exceeded our expectations of what our website would ever look like. We build lasting relationships with them through open, transparent and honest communications.



We are extremely impressed with Tektide Innovation’s technical and professional skills in making a World class websites for our company. The discussion during the web site development process was very effective, and the end result was a website that is attractive, easy to navigate and highly functional. We are delighted with the Tektide Innovations who are working with us for some past years. They are more than what we expected in our business. Their speed and deep knowledge are the assets.