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At Tektide we employ people who have a passion for helping others succeed. Directly or indirectly, regardless of role, responsibilities, seniority or salary, we believe that for both the company and an individual to be successful, every employee at Tektide must have a focus on our customers. Only by giving a truly outstanding experience to customers in all their dealings with Tektide will we set ourselves apart from our competition and continue to thrive.

Our goal is to be an admired employer. This means that people will want to join Tektide as a place of choice, achievement and opportunity, and one where they can genuinely be successful and fulfilled in their careers.

People who work with us will recognize that the environment we create maximizes their potential and is a place where innovation and creativity can flourish. Above all, we continue to consider devolved accountability as central to everything we do and maintain an environment where entrepreneurship is welcomed.

  • At Tektide we seek out and develop talent.
  • We expect our people to work in the spirit of our principles and collaborate with each other in order to get the best results.
  • If you join Tektide you will enjoy working in an environment that is totally committed to equality and fairness and encourages and supports open and honest dialogue at all levels.
  • We believe that a sensible work life balance is important for everyone to be at their best and we offer a competitive package of salary and benefits.
  • As a successful growing business we always have interesting opportunities for like-minded people at all levels in the company.


Our company was started in early 2008 and was officially incorporated on April 23 2010. Idea for Tektide was originated in the brilliant mind of Mr. Suhas Sugathan who bought it to Mr. Premkumar and Ms. Krishna S who were inspired by his vision. Ms Krishna with her wide experience in the IT field and Mr premkumar with his vast entrepreneurial experience choose the beautiful beach town of Kollam in Kerala, India, as the headquarters for the new company.It was christened TEKTIDE INNOVATIONS taking inspiration from the tides at the Arabian Sea.

The company headquarters was established at beach road kollam a stone’s throw away from the Arabian sea. The company was started with just 4 employees with Mr. Premkumar as President, Ms Krishna as CTO & Vice President and Mr.Suhas Sugathan as Administrative Officer & Managing Director.

The initial 4 team members later crystallized into Tektide’s core team, which has since grown to 27 members. From the inception itself the company has insisted on unbridled professionalism from our employees and hence we insist that all our employees to dress formally to work. This is used to build a sense of team work in our employees. Professionalism & quality has always been our guiding principles. The rapid growth of the company can be attributed to this sense of team work and belief in the vision set out for this company.

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Our Customer Support Team is available from
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Our Remote Support lets us to access and control a remote computer over the Internet, across firewalls and proxies, using any browser, thereby providing instant solutions to the customers.

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Telephonic Support.
If you already use our software and have a question, please ask it ,We typically answer all requests within 24 hours (working hour). (Sometimes we take a break around 2:00 P.M.)

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