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Our Team

Krishna S

CEO and Vice President
Special team Mentoring.

Twenty Four Years as IT Professional, Administrator and Trainer, the Big sister to everyone at Tektide, mentor to Suhas and Balu

Suhas Sugathan

COO and Managing Director
Business Development.
Administration and Team Head

Our Cheif Operating Officer and Managing Director and the Team Head, has warm smile and a glass of milk for everyone he meets, none dares refuse either because this guy has the 3rd Degree black belt in Full Contact Shotokan Karate. www.koinchi.org

Balu Jayaprakash

System Analyst

Our seniormost professional and resident wise old man, has done over 1 million LOC in 10 programming languages, mentor and lead trainer, Loves his Mac. Currently mentoring the next generation of Tektide’s professionals. Presently involved in developing Tektide’s smartphone Apps.test

Sunil M

Project Manager
ERP Solutions
.NET Apps

Deeply spiritual, treats his profession with the same fervor. Specializes in Desktop applications, one of our best problem solvers, really nice guy

Syam Mohan

Project Manager
Core PHP
Web Frameworks + RIA

Web development genius, trained classical Karnatic violinist, Programs to the tunes of classical music, can convert the vaguest of design ideas from our clients into brilliant web sites. We suspect that he can read minds.

Sujith N


Energetic, talented, communicative, expressive with an analytical mind in all aspects. You can trust him !!

Stalin Pereira

System Administrator
System Administration
R & D

Our youngest, has been programming ever since he was 10, does everything from system administration to App development, if there is some technology you have heard about, he probably has already worked with it.

Sananth J. S.

Sr. Programmer
PHP Frameworks

A valuable asset of our company as a good programmer in the development section and a good trainer to our trainees. He is the sign of patience.

Sonu Sathyadas

Sr. Programmer
.NET / JAVA Developer

The tallest man in Tektide Innovations has 24 hours dedicated working. Good public speaking illuminates his leadership quality.

Binu Alphonse

Sr. Programmer
PHP Frameworks

Our youngest senior programmer in PHP frameworks and more efficient. Very calm and quiet in nature.

Sreeja S. R.

Sr. Programmer
.NET Developer

Only one thing to say that exhibit all qualities of Sreeja is ‘Less Speak, More Work’.

Arun R

Jr. Programmer
PHP Frameworks

Known by his nickname ‘Police’. Speaking is just like a lazy fellow, but serious in his work.

Arun S. R.

Jr. Programmer
PHP Frameworks

Athira J

Business promoter

Akhila S

Jr. Programmer
.NET Developer

Shine S

Jr. Programmer
PHP Frameworks

Maneeshlal C. N.

Designer / Jr. Programmer
PHP Frameworks

Sruthi S

Jr. Programmer
PHP Frameworks

Happy Clients

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